Bowhunting Information

Bow types and draw weights

The most common type of bow used in Africa for bowhunting is the compound bow. We suggest a minimum of 60lbs for plainsgame hunting. When hunting buffalo or any other dangerous game, we suggest a 90lbs bow.

We would strongly suggest that you bring a bow that you are familiar and comfortable with on safari. Also make sure to spend a lot of time on the range and familiarise yourself with your pins and distances before coming over.

From blinds, the average shooting distance is 20 yards, but if you prefer to walk and stalk, distances can increase up to 60 yards.
We do also cater for longbow and re-curve bowhunters.


We prefer the use of fixed blade broadheads on all african game. Over many years of hunting, these have proven to be the most effective of all types of broadhead out there. If at all possible, please make use of them over mechanical broadheads. It can make the difference between picking up your animal and spending countless hours tracking one you may never find…


We have several types of blinds in our hunting area. Elevated blinds, ground blinds as well as pit blinds. All our blinds are at watering holes and the average distance for shooting will be 20 yards. Blinds are spacious and very comfortable. The are bow hooks in all our blinds, as well as tables to put things like binoculars, books etc. Blinds are 8 feet tall and can comfortably house three people at a time. There are also camera ports in all of our blinds should you want to film your hunt.

Walk and stalk

For those who prefer to walk and stalk, our area is perfect for that. We have lots of bush for cover and when the wind is right, stalks can comfortably be made up to between 20 and 30 yards. We do however advise that you are comfortable with shooting your bow up to 60 yards when using this technique.

Hunting Season

We begin hunting in March and we end off the season in September. We recommend 7 to 10 hunting days in order to maximize your success rate. 5 to 7 animals would be very achievable in this time frame. This time of year is normally the best as far as climate goes and it is also our dry season, which makes success around the water holes far greater than during our rainy season. We will also encourage you to book your trip around the dark phase of the moon as this will further increase your chance of success.

Permits for importation of bows

There are no permits required for bringing your bow into africa. All you need is a hard carry case and it is just checked in as oversize luggage. No other paperwork is required.

Your Experience

As an outfitter owned and operated safari company, we know what it takes to make your experience a memorable and successful one.
Our area has been gun free since 1998 and only bowhunting takes place here. We take care of you from when you step off the plane until you are back at the airport on your way home.

Our clients leave as friends and we look forward to having you here with us.