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We offer African Bowhunting Safaris and cater exclusively to bowhunters from around the world and no rifle hunting is permitted in our area. With dangerous game and more than 32 species of plainsgame available, we can tailormake the perfect African Bowhunting safari for you and your hunting companions.

Outfitter owned and operated, you can be assured of the best quality trophies and a hunting experience true to your wildest African dreams.

Whether you are a first time visitor to Africa or an experienced big game hunter, we at African bowhunting safaris will make your trip a memorable one.

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We are represented in the United States, so all your queries can be handled without dealing with time differences and language barriers.

We also offer short excursion trips for your family while you are busy hunting. The most popular destinations for these trips are Sun City, the Cape wine routes and the Kruger Park. The historic town of Kimberley is just a 45 min drive away and is rich in history and culture.

Whether you are interested in a plains game or big five hunting safari, allow us to make your safari the experience of a lifetime.

Once you have hunted with African Bowhunting Safaris, you will be a friend for life.

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As serious bow hunting enthusiasts, we’re all trying to find that “silver bullet” suggestion that can help improve our ability and skills for African Bowhunting. And in today’s information-packed world, you seemingly don’t have to go very far to discover it. One finger click here on the PC and voil??… there’s that magical part of wisdom many of us wanted so badly. Or so we presume.

Weather could have a strong relation to antelope movement. On days where the wind is blowing above 10mph antelope movement generally seems to slow drastically African Bowhunting Safari Packages. Of course if 15mph winds are normal for the area, this will likely have little influence on antelope movement. Here in Maryland there are many days with virtually no wind. So when the wind does spice up, I believe the noise and movements throughout keep antelope inside their beds longer.

African Bowhunting SafarisHe could travel the entire world killing an array of animals with just his bow. In fact he held 5 world record kills with a bow. One with the greatest things Fred did for the sport of hunting was which he started filming his hunts. This brought African Bowhunting and hunting itself inside the mainstream.

He also founded African Bowhunting Safari Packages which was previously the biggest bow manufacture in the globe. It still exists to this day.

There was also a museum created specifically him which also still exists even now and resides in Bass Pro Shops. He seemed to be the president from the first and oldest archery club in Michigan. He needless to say have also been entered into the African Bowhunting hall of fame. It’s safe to say he was the Godfather of recent day African Bowhunting.

African Bowhunting Safari Packages

African Bowhunting Safari Packages

The reason this measurement is always quoted included in a bow’s specification details is that it indicates the possibility speed the bow can shoot an arrow. If a bow has a short brace height along with a long draw length (the furthest distance the string might be drawn back) it tells you that this string will probably be drawn much more tightly than a bow with engineered to be longer. The conclusion to that particular is that the bow will likely be capable of shooting arrows with a greater speed for African Bowhunting Safari Packages.

Then, other hunters which also take part in turkey hunting with bow solder two fishhooks for the broadhead’s rear. This is efficient keep the arrow stuck inside the turkey. In addition, string trackers are often used, as well. They have light strings which connect to the broadhead. And when the hunter shoots, the strings is going to be released; hence, enabling the hunter to track and grab their hands on the antelope. Moreover, laser range finders might also be convenient to turkey hunters.

Before Getting That First Bow – Read These African Bowhunting Beginners Tips.

South African Bowhunting Regulations

In this article today I am going to explain to you three good reasons why African Bowhunting is more fun than gun hunting. I don’t want to pay any gun hunters available or knock anyone’s way of hunting because I have spent the required time gun hunting through the years but I just prefer African Bowhunting. And allow me to share my main reasons why:

However, this type of hunting isn’t effortlessly. On-your-own hunting means plenty of planning, learning and a whole lot of thinking “on the fly,” as each trip’s circumstances often change when you least expect it. Overall, the smarter you select things, better you may expect your hunting to get.

He surely could travel the entire world killing a variety of animals with just his bow. In fact he held 5 world record kills with a bow. One from the greatest things Fred did for the sport of hunting was which he started filming his hunts. This brought African Bowhunting and hunting itself in the mainstream. He also founded Big 5 Archery which had been the greatest bow manufacture in the globe. It still exists even now. There was another museum created specifically him which still exists even today and resides in Bass Pro Shops. He seemed to be the president from the first and oldest archery club in South Africa. He of course seemed to be applied for the African Bowhunting hall of fame. It’s safe to say that he was the Godfather of contemporary day African Bowhunting.

Tips in African Bowhunting

Tips in African Bowhunting

The #1 tactic you will employ when African Bowhunting doves is spinning wing decoy in South African Bowhunting Regulations. I love to work with a couple stationary doves you pin on branches as well, but to get the doves inside perfect spot, nothing draws and positions them being a Mojo or similar motorized dove decoy. The second step is to have fun playing the wind. Doves like to land in to the wind, services or products bird or airplane. Simple physics. They key is always to find the best destination for a set your dove decoy during South African Bowhunting Regulations.

Speaking of equipment, realize that some organizations and clubs have equipment available for rent, such as Parker bows yet others. This can be a good strategy to use when just beginning. Right now, you’re unsure if archery is often a sport you’ll enjoy for a long time. Also, renting will give you the option to understand different brands and models; you will find an ideal fit on your own before buying your own equipment for South African Bowhunting Regulations.

Tips in African Bowhunting

African Bowhunting For Birds – A Bird Hunter’s Ultimate Challenge

Worry and happiness comes over me as I stumbled onto hunting permission for 300 acres just as time goes on. Happiness because now I have a completely new part of property to pay time hunting on, that may permit me to put less pressure on the other properties. Worry because it’s October 1st. and I haven’t set foot about this property yet.

  • Every arrow as it leaves the bow is undergoing a series of flexes that will not dampen out before arrow is many feet totally free of the bow
  • Slow motion photography shows these flexes to be approximately several times the thickness with the arrow itself
  • Often multiple flexes are occurring and the arrow seems like a snake mainly because it leaves the bow

How to Bow Hunt – 6 Tips to Follow

A crossbow is specially best for somebody who doesn’t have the time to dedicate to practicing. Because a vertical bow requires more energy and through the hunter, what’s more, it requires more practice. There is a higher probability of missing your target and employ is essential to make certain that your abilities are fresh and therefore are ready to the spring. Every hunter should move out and employ before going around the first hunt of the year. However, a hunter using a crossbow will get away with fewer trips towards the target range.- If there’s another thing I can say from my 25 years or so of shooting and hunting using a bow, it’s this: success often is dependant on creating a clear head and feeling confident in what you are doing

  • This means filling your brain with an obscene quantity of information can in fact be detrimental to learning correctly

Before shooting an arrow, it really is imperative to assume the correct stance, this is often achieved by standing perpendicular towards the target along with your feet shoulder-width apart, the arrow is loaded by placing the v-shaped groove purchased at a corner end with the arrow on the string attached towards the bow. The arrow is then held between the index finger and the middle finger with support from your ring finger.
African Bowhunting – An Ancient Art For Hunting Game

Bow Fishing – Exciting, Fun, and Misunderstood

African Bowhunting Safaris InformationBowhunting doves might appear impossible, however the sheer number of opportunities help it become one of the best birds to attempt take on the wing. Doves have become fast flyers, and taking one down while pass shooting is quite quite challenging, however when you place the right plan together, it is possible to shoot enough to give a smallish human if they’re not very hungry.

  1.  When you’re a beginner and are in the process of finding the first bow it’s easy to discover that we now have a wide variety of manufacturers offering great quality bows that it may build your search and overwhelming one
  2. Don’t get swayed by every one of the hype about bows that simply haven’t been proven
  3. So many manufacturers offer substandard quality, inexpensive bows that it is tempting to go with a name you haven’t heard about just to save a few dollars
  4. Although Martin bows aren’t the most affordable bows out there, you’ll not be disappointed once you bring one home on your first hunt
  5. Martin bows have a very established track record and therefore are desirable to many seasoned hunters so why wouldn’t you just start with one of the best

The Fine Art of African Bowhunting

Archery hunting can also be fun for guided hunts. These hunts are best for people who find themselves just easing to the sport or simply wish to spend a leisurely weekend having a great time. They’re also fun for hunting in areas or climates you’ve never hunted in before. Guided hunting involves an outfitter providing you with private land, guides, and also camp grounds and cabins to dwell in during a period of time. In many cases, you will have meals ship to you. While bagging game isn’t guaranteed, no less than you are able to be assured knowing you can relax finally, enjoy yourself.- I decided I was gonna bow hunt beyond my stand for a while

  • Tuesday I had 4 small bucks come by my stand but I didn’t desire to take a shot
  • Wednesday night I heard something via behind my stand
  • It was approaching dark so I really couldn’t see well in the woods due to leaves however the fields still had lots of light
  • The first antelope happens and walks toward the feeder, it absolutely was an 8 point having a high rack but not very wide
  • It eats a little bit after which looks back in the woods and actually starts to walk off
  • Then here he came, the top buck, 15 points

African Bowhunting In South AfricaBe in excellent shape. You can’t just go in the wild and believe that you can hike around with a heavy pack for miles if you have been sitting at the desk or perhaps front of an computer for 6 months. You likely have been in the specific situation in places you pack in 5 miles, shoot a bull, track the blood for a mile and then wonder how on the globe you’re going to pack that out? Sometimes it takes many trips to handle the meat out. You might be one that must be carried out in the event you aren’t physically prepared. Stay in shape.

African Bowhunting In South Africa

3D archery is an excellent approach to stay sharp and is also extremely popular with bow hunters. In 3D archery, an individual is shooting at targets that are life like and resemble the specific configuration of your real animal. The purpose of this can be to recreate environmental surroundings a hunter have been around in if they are actually in the field for African Bowhunting In South Africa. Even thought this is merely a training, used mostly as practice to gain hunting experience and sharpen your talent, typically broadheads aren’t used here. This is simply mainly because which they would easily tear in the targets, that are typically made of foam, causing them to have to be replaced. Instead, regular field tips are widely-used, as is also a similar weight because broadheads which hunters will likely be using outside in a real life hunting scenario.

I would like to speak about a few of their arguments, but first I would like to let you know a little about me so you know I am not bias towards almost any African Bowhunting In South Africa. I am 41 years and have been hunting since I would be a small boy. My dad bought me my first recurve when I was 7. By the time I was 13 I was shooting carp inside creeks within the summer and hunting small game inside the fall with my dads 50lb. Big 5 Kodiak Magnum. African Bowhunting whitetails became my passion 17 in years past. I spend never ending hours scouting shooting and using a tree stand yearly. I have harvested a lot of antelope with archery equipment. Several mature bucks and two of these that put me within the Big Buck club during my state. All of which taken which has a compound bow. I have harvested one small buck and many does using a crossbow African Bowhunting In South Africa.

African Bowhunting Farms In South Africa

African Bowhunting Farms Souh AfricaAfter going through this method, you’ll start to really understand what sort of bow works best for you when African Bowhunting Farms In South Africa. The way the bow fits to your height and strength is vital to African Bowhunting beginners and imperative that you invest some time choosing wisely. There are many optional accessories and stuff you can outfit your bow with. Talk to other bow hunters and sift through their advice to find out which might work most effectively for you personally when African Bowhunting in African Bowhunting Farms In South Africa.

The sport rolling around in its current form is principally confined to firing at inanimate targets as game hunting by using bows is banned in places for example the South Africa. The practise continues to be very much alive in the US, though, as increasing numbers of powerful hunting bows are created which might be competent at releasing a huge selection of pounds of force with each shot. Typically, inanimate targets include many variations including; sculptures of animals like antelope, rabbits, and African Bowhunting Farms In South Africa, plus the higher quality round target.

  • When I first saw him my heart started beating quickly
  • I thought to myself, “Is that basically him
  • Am I going to get a shot
  • Now relax Christy”
  • As watched him walk around to see the territory
  • By the time he walked towards me it had been getting dark

Would you provide a first-time driver 25 tips about how to drive an automobile correctly? If you did, they’d surely goof. The same goes for archery. The only way you can execute discipline and sound method is to possess a simple map to follow. The “what,” “how” and “why” of the you do needs to be crystal clear and easy to follow, or you will most probably falter.

Before Getting That First Bow – Read These African Bowhunting Beginners Tips

African Bowhunting South Africa - SpringbuckBreakthroughs in archery hunting equipment have occurred over time, bettering one of the most simple bow and arrow in relation to accuracy, effectiveness along with a slew of other potentials. With the sport of archery being more popular than ever at this time with time, manufacturers tend to be motivated than ever to constantly innovate African Bowhunting gear and techniques.

Antelope population steadily increases not only in the countryside and rural communities and also in suburbs/city limits. This surge in antelope population in the suburbs/city limits has exploded more prevalent now than ever before. Hunting is normally restricted in city limits if you use guns. It’s illegal to fireside a gun inside a city limits as a result of close proximity of homes and human life. However, bow hunters are a prime commodity since the majority cities will permit the use of bows inside the city limits. A bow does not have an adverse cogitation because it doesn’t always have that resounding “bang” when shot. Therefore the bow hunter carries a less negative image too.

African Bowhunting Equipment South Africa

On Thursday night the next thunderstorm concerned the same though the snow was coming down hard and also the wind was blowing. Once again I enclosed and headed out to bow hunt. This time I attended ‘my stand’, it provides a roof onto it. However, with this day it didn’t help the snow was blowing right into my face. The view from this stand was perfect. With the snow on ground I could see both hill sides and on the lane. While scouting the area I saw 2 antelope well away, no wait 3, no 4, wow 5 antelope. They were going out beside a fallen tree. I watched 2 antelope, these were both does, head for your field but I lost another 3. The 2 doe that went in to the field were heading my way so I got my crossbow ready African Bowhunting Equipment South Africa.

  • I position the scope of my crossbow on him, yep it turned out the large boy, but how far was he faraway from me
  • I looked support at him, experimented with determine the yardage, I thought you won’t want to wound this one
  • He walked to his left and stood broad side in my experience, again just couldn’t figure out how far away
  • I decided it was too late to shoot and watched him walk away

I powered down the security and pointed it towards opening in the trees. Slowly they made their way down the tree line when out of the corner of my eye I saw another doe inside lane. I was trying to never move, my bow was at shooting position. One more step and he or she is mine in the event the antelope inside lane snorted and they also all jumped and ran. The doe I was about to shoot only ran about 20 yards stopped but she was standing in a few brush so I couldn’t shoot since the brush would throw my arrow off course. Then she finally made her move in the woods for African Bowhunting Equipment South Africa. The other 2 doe were circling behind me so I slowly repositioned my bow and was moving with these. I saw an opening inside brush where I could shoot so I was following doe hoping she would be able to that opening when bang, my bow hit the tree my stand was on / off they ran.

African Bowhunting Videos

The use of life sized animal targets presents you the availability to envision the vital part of the animal. One of the most complex items for a bow hunter is to guess distances to your target. 3D archery shoots squeeze targets at changing distances. Most don’t let for that using electronic range finders, thus obliging the bow hunter to sharpen their expertise while using naked eye.

Note: I didn’t ask ‘do you want a range finder for African Bowhunting’. The answer to that is a resounding YES! Being 5 and even 10 yards off with a 150 yard shot which has a flat-shooting.270 Winchester probably isn’t all of that big of your deal.

You’ll probably still hit an important area. But make a good 5 yard error with a bow which once in a season – or lifetime – shot could possibly be gone forever. Or even worse, a majestic animal gets wounded and wastes away, dying in pain hours later. As hunters, we owe it towards the animal and ourselves to complete everything possible to make certain a fast, ethical kill.